Friday, March 18, 2011

Brushing teeth

What is your routine when it comes to brushing teeth? Do you help them, do it for them? Or let them go to school with stinky breath if they decide not to? Do you have a certain time? It may seem simple, but when you have a fight over it, it can become frustrating.Please share.


  1. mine are old enough they just know when to do it I dont have to remind them. I dont let them go anywhere with stinky breath, Its not fair to the teacher or friends to have to smell that, I dont want my kid being known as the stinky one.

  2. Never let them go without brushing their teeth!!! Financially it will kill you if you let their teeth go. If they are old enough to brush I always check and make them do it again if it's not 100%...I help them if they aren't old enough... and do it for them when they are little. The decay that I have seen in the dental offices I have worked would make you's not fun for the kids or the parents so I would be THE TEETH POLICE for sure! They will thank you later for it! After breakfast and for sure before bed! AND for 2 minutes. You are the parent so you shouldn't have to fight over it...what you say goes... :)

  3. We brush teeth while I am doing hair before school. This way I know it gets done. At night we just do it before all the night time stuff. It really works. When my daughter was little I would have to do it for her. We got a spin brush which makes brushing fun. When they are little I have to help but as they get older they just do it.