Monday, March 7, 2011

Multiple Children

How do you find the time or manage to give each of your children the love and attention they need? I try but sometimes feel like one is being pushed to the side.

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  1. Sometimes I can tell just by the way Misty is acting that she needs more me time. She is my middle child and only girl. This may sound silly, but if I schedule time with them, I'm more likely to do it. It's harder than it sounds. I say you can take it day by day, or have a certain time a day set aside.(after lunch or naps or whatever). My children are young enough that one on one time can be as little as ten minutes and they are ready to move on to something else. My answer to just about anything Mom related is listen to your heart. If you feel like your child is being neglected, then they probably are on some level. I know I'm guilty of those feelings, but all I can do is try to do better.