Saturday, April 2, 2011


When it comes to babysitters, what age do you think is appropriate to use and how much do you pay them?

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  1. I rarley use a sitter under 14 anymore. My sitter right now is 18 and I love it. Luckily she has a 15 year old sister. I pay them depending on if they can drive to my house, how long they were babysitting for, and whether or not they are good about 1. being able to handle the kids 2. helping my kids remember what our rules are even though I'm not there 3. if they clean up 4 if the kids are all in bed at bed time if I am gone in the evening. I expect a lot from my sitters, but pay them well if they do a good job. My friends and I always went above and beyond what I was expected to do as a babysitter and I don't see any reason why teenage girls can't do that today.