Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clean up Time

When it comes to cleaning- how often do you deep clean, how often do you just have clean up time? Tell me how it works in your house? Or do you just do it as need be?


  1. I hate cleaning most of the time! But who loves it? I have been trying to enjoy it more lately.

    I deep clean probably once a month and I know I probably should more ofter, but when you are a mom it's not easy!

    After I make my bed, I have learned that waiting until the end of the day to clean is best for me. That way I'm not cleaning all day long. Just once a day.

    Anyone have any good tips on how to not have to ever clean ha ha???

  2. We have a clean up time(straightening)every day about 5 in the evening before dinner and Dad comes home. Then I have a deep clean day once a week. I pick Thursdays because it works for me. I do my bathrooms, floors, dusting,etc...I just wish I could figure out a good schedule for real deep cleaning like blinds, baseboards, windows, things like that. They seem to only get done when they get so bad I can't stand it anymore.